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 1 week ago

Escutar, pactuar e agir; sugestões para 2021. Artigo que escrevi e foi publicado hj na @VEJA. O link é aberto:

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@LucianoHuck @VEJA Lavrador e @VEJA ? Tô fora!

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@LucianoHuck @VEJA O link não é aberto. Somente para assinantes.

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 1 week ago

@LucianoHuck @VEJA Melhor ficar com as gincanas de espremer pobre no Caldeirão

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@LucianoHuck @VEJA Me ajuda Luciano e um pedido de socorro

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New vid on the recent disgusting shit twitter has been pulling check it out

Twitter is Absolutely DISGUSTING ( #TwitterIsOverParty)

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#twitterisoverparty they suspended my account

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Y'all seriously trying to trend the most stupid and useless of all hashtags #TwitterIsOverParty thinking it will do anything... need to get a grip on reality. Just wasting your time.

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Tienen que mejorar los parámetros de esta app


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#TwitterIsOverParty Yeah, I've reported the same accounts several times for posting this smut and Twitter still hasn't taken them down but they took Trump and GOP people down.

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How do you cancel something on its own platform. Do us all a favor morons...go back to Parler. #trumptards #staymad #twitterisoverparty

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