Hello I am brand new to Twitter, what are you guys up to

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FYI I am hearing from more and more people that the show #MedicalPolice on Netflix is a "must watch"... may check it out as I have a little "time on my" hands suddenly

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@SufcLee @barronjohn1946 Speaking of not being able to handle a fair election... let us know when you find the russian collusion. 2020 on the other hand was anything but a fair election.

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@gregkan @barronjohn1946 Sam Elliott has entered the moustache chat room.

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@tomavgeek @barronjohn1946 he was just taking a stand

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 1 week ago

@barronjohn1946 we were definitely not thinking of storming the Senate in some kind of insane presidential coup . because we couldn't handle losing a election fair & square

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 1 week ago
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@barronjohn1946 game recognize game

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 1 week ago

@barronjohn1946 will they find this guy?

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@barronjohn1946 @kwestin You're not John Barron, you're Guy Incognito!

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 1 week ago

@RealWaqarMaliks Trump has just joined Parler, according to Sean Hannity.
Meanwhile, the Parler app is unusable. Probably due to overload.

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📂Things you love to see...

Barry on the mic 🕺🏻🎤 Waiting on Sonia to appear stage left for the duet!

#InaugurationDay   #WhatDoesntKillYouMakesYouSonia

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NOW: President Biden en route to the White House.


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Der neue US-Präsident Joe #Biden hat das Land in seiner Antrittsrede zur Einheit aufgerufen. #InaugurationDay

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My mood for the rest of 2021: “I’m speaking” ✨✨✨ #inaugurationday @ Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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United face masks available now!
#InaugurationDay #Inauguration2021 #Inauguration
#TrumpsLastDay #UnitedStates #united #Unity @chrissyteigen @JLo @ladygaga
@HillaryClinton @MichelleObama

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Trending in Denmark... 🇩🇰🇺🇸 It is indeed a new day - from the top 5 #InaugurationDay  @garthbrooks @TheAmandaGorman and @ladygaga (the 5th is soccer related - disregard)

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I’ve gotten to know, collaborate with & become friends w/ so many incredible people over past 4 years through this platform

Seeing & feeling you all rejoice today in this space is a level of amazing I didn’t expect or predict

It’s just the best!

#Inauguration #InaugurationDay

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J’espère que c’est le début d’une belle et une nouvelle ère pour les USA et pour le monde aussi, après ce jour d’inauguration 🙏🏻 #BidenHarris #InaugurationDay

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