⁦@RogueFitness⁩ you should be ashamed

@RogueFitness⁩ you should be ashamed

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@valorbharat @sonamakapoor @RogueFitness Bhai Kuch saal Pehele meine bhi koi ek Sonam ka movie ticket liya tha. Mera paisa barbad hua tha.. I have same experience, what’s she tweet now. To be honest... Education matter.

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@TheSunShine_ Profile picture Sunny


 6 days ago

@sonamakapoor @RogueFitness Rogue is their name

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@sonamakapoor @RogueFitness May be they have seen your movie and ur acting skill


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@Maria_Elahi Profile picture Maria Elahi


 6 days ago

@sonamakapoor @RogueFitness Thanks for the heads up! I was looking to place an order with them. Also @UPS_UK have the worst service ever! They are known to open parcels are take items and then deny all knowledge.

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@anisha53062849 Profile picture anisha


 6 days ago
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@sunnym187 Profile picture sunny187


 6 days ago

@sonamakapoor @RogueFitness CrossFit community has left the chat

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@sonamakapoor @RogueFitness Isko har cheej mein problem hota hai

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@miumaub Profile picture Miu


 6 days ago
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@Aquib1Aaquib Profile picture AquibRafi


 6 days ago

@sonamakapoor @RogueFitness Yes mam right mam

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...exam. Whatever your circumstance JCB can assist you in reaching your healthcare administration goals.

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9 months to 1 million deaths (worldwide)
3 months to the 2nd million #covid #WayTooEarly

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Lily and I are up #waytooearly because Lily is taking prednisone and when a 130lb dog says they have to pee. You move quickly:)

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I’m up #waytooearly because I started thinking about aliens and didn’t want to dream about them so I’ve been awake since 3am.

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@GammaRae206 @kasie This look amazing! I would get up #waytooearly for those!

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@kasie @MSNBC #waytooearly I could never get enough of @esglaude even if it's really early in the morning!! Or really late if you live in Portland Oregon!

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Having my coffee and counting the hours till Biden is sworn in #waytooearly

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