ah! mom's book is on @Food52 as a "can't wait to read"!! please pre-order my mom's book so she can move out of my basement and find love

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@jenaudreymarie @chrissyteigen @Food52 Thank you! I thought they were still married too! I know they don’t live together but hey, whatever works for them. Her dad lives close by.

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@CamiAnnS Profile picture Cami Sheffield


 1 week ago

@gibson_jacob05 @chrissyteigen @Food52 Are you talking to Chrissy? Lol.

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@chrissyteigen @Food52 You are so funny and delightful, if you're ever in central Florida, I'd love to buy you a beverage!

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@KendraCP Profile picture Kendra


 1 week ago

@chrissyteigen @Food52 Can she move in with me????

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@_iekika Profile picture ssǝɾ


 1 week ago

@chrissyteigen @Food52 Chrissy!!! 😂

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@chrissyteigen @Food52 awesome hope all is well chrissy

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@chrissyteigen @Food52 I call dibbs on moving in when she finally leaves.

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@chrissyteigen @Food52 You my lady are an American traysure!

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Donald Trump is one man whom 75 million people wanted to have a second term. 75M!

Yet Biden is repetitiously pushing a unity admin.

Someone please reiterate to Biden that MAGAs do not want #unity or compromise or resolution. They want their way or none at all.

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Love that #AndreaHall delivered the #PledgeOfAllegiance in both spoken word and sign language. That's an example #unity and #inclusion!

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@willchamberlain They're Nazis, so why bother? Remember, #Unity!

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democrats and biden don’t want #unity
they want subservience and will try and squash dissent

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Biden's blowing white hair is a well-calculated nod to the Bernie Bros. #UNITY

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Biden's Call For Unity Rings Hollow As Impeachment Looms - Lunch Alert! #Inauguration2021 #Inauguration #BidenHarrisInauguration #Trump @YouTube @TwitterVideo #Biden #BidenTakeAction #FirstLady #unity #PresidentBiden #InaugurationDay2021 @newsmax @CRNC

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@JoeBiden can stuff his " #unity" where the sun don't shine... like his basement, where he'll be "leading" for the next few months... until he dies, as per the plan.

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@ossoff @ReverendWarnock Congratulations Senator Jon Ossoff and Senator Raphael Warnock!


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