Let's be clear. If Trump is too dangerous to send out a tweet or a Facebook post, he's too dangerous to be commander-in-chief. Donald Trump must be removed from office immediately and held accountable for his horrific acts of sedition, violence and chaos.

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@CBandit9 Profile picture Cameron Britland


 2 weeks ago

@sftechworker @BernieSanders Right? I can't believe he actually tweeted this. Desperation stinks terrible.

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@shardreicer @BernieSanders Where could he do that? He’s been banned everywhere!

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@BernieSanders no Bernie Twitter does not get to decide for our government on matters like this

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@Alex4Rep Profile picture Alex🌹


 2 weeks ago

@BernieSanders the congresspeople who encouraged and incited this attack must also be removed

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@BernieSanders Bernie the man! Always team Bernie!

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@shardreicer Profile picture Shar Dreicer


 2 weeks ago

@BernieSanders If there are plans for more riots on the 17th and the 20th....Trump could put a stop to this if he really wanted to. Once and for all he could Denounce previous and any future Insurrections But he won’t. That’s the tell

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@Svarthofthi Profile picture bistromathics


 2 weeks ago

@BernieSanders listen to yourself, jfc

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“Put your head on my shooooooo”



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#silhouettechallenge take all my data, it's all yours...😂🏋️

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Le #silhouettechallenge quand il était sur le twitter US t'avait pas un seul tweet éclaté depuis il est en TT France t'as des tweets du style "que dirons vos darons" "imagine ta meuf" vraiment je vous déteste 😔

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Me using lamp to watch #silhouettechallenge after they off the light. Buh what is happening am still seeing shadow 🤔🤔🤔

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The body of a woman is so amazing ❤️ #silhouettechallenge

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Skipping lectures to watch #silhouettechallenge >>>>>>>>>>>

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Tik tok everytime a new challenge comes up #silhouettechallenge

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Someone in the comments section says “it be like door handle” loooool 😂😂😂 #silhouettechallenge needs to stop now 🥴

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