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 1 week ago

🟩 Action to #BeatPollution
🟩 #ClimateAction
🟩 Action #ForNature

The triple planetary 🌍 crisis requires ACTION from governments, business, civil society & individuals.

It’s time for a new relationship between people & planet. via @UNEP

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@UN @UNEP Our PM Modi has always tried
to explain that something must
be done about it but has been
ignored every time.

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 1 week ago

@UN @UNEP Farmer union made by @BJP4India to claim fake farmers agreed upon bills. Union registered Dec 2020 and able to get meeting with @nstomar Dec. 20/20. Union registered after giving Support to Govt?
How can a 1 mth old union speak to what kisaans need?


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@UN @UNEP Our planet needs #ClimateActionNow!

Not only from governments and business, but also from YOU!

More about our #environment:

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 1 week ago

@UN @UNEP UN is too silent with the on going war in Southern Cameroon. Why?

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@UN @UNEP how does one have a better relationship with people and the planet if they are told to socially distance and stay home with only their immediate household (assuming that's whatever number people want to decide at the moment)??

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@UN @UNEP Always trying to brainwash people!

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@UN @UNEP Past time!

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Well it looks like the end of an era, doesn't it? Maybe it will blow over like all the other times there was outrage.

Maybe not?
How resolute are you?

#TwitterIsOverParty #Addiction

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Dr Fauci changes his mind more than a toilet seat gets ass.

How does anyone believe in him?


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i have no words to describe how i feel #TwitterIsOverParty

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Mas ai de quem falar mal da China ou do Joe Biden e seu filho degenerado.

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#TwitterIsOverParty what about deleting #MEGALINKS? there are people literally trading cp and twitter doesnt even suspend them, this is how bs is their rules?

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