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"Unless a certain percentage of population gets vaccinated, it doesn't provide community-wide protection."

@ProfHeidiLarson of @vaccine_trust on the importance of building confidence in #COVID19 vaccines.

Learn how #VaccinesWork:

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@Passionflower99 @UN @ProfHeidiLarson @vaccine_trust 500 million people became infected and 50 million people died? People survived, but a lot of people died also. Giving plasma to patients requires hospital monitoring- not feasible for wide use in a pandemic. It’s pretty likely that immunologists have considered all options....

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 1 week ago

@UN @ProfHeidiLarson @vaccine_trust Please explain how anyone survived the 1918 pandemic without a vaccine? At this stage of the COV19 pandemic, people should be tested for antibodies and blood plasma offered to people to support their immune systems too.

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 1 week ago

@UN @ProfHeidiLarson @vaccine_trust 疫苗推广很重要!

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@UN @ProfHeidiLarson @vaccine_trust Any appointments are really difficult. When I had my bleeding benign tumor they tried to send me to kentucky instead of home then made me pay them to drive home. I missed about four weeks of work waiting the biopsy, 2nd lab and surgery. I couldn't make appointments.

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@UN @ProfHeidiLarson @vaccine_trust My company's clinic doesn't anticipate seeing vaccines until maybe March at the earliest and because I'm a truck driver that's my best bet for vaccination. I can't wait list at home. I'm not there. It takes me too long to get there and the planning isn't specific enough

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@UN @ProfHeidiLarson @vaccine_trust And this time, still ... i say thanks about VACCINE to UNITED NATIONS and SECRETARY-GENERAL, GOOD PROGRAM, ... I LIKE UNITED NATIONS!.

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 1 week ago

@UN @ProfHeidiLarson @vaccine_trust immunity can be acquired without vaccination and it does the same job.

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 1 month ago

Population level (herd) immunity is not reached at just a single number, but critically depends on the vaccination strategy.
Preventing ICU overflow and breakdown of the health system requires vaccination efforts to be combined with non-pharmaceutical interventions.

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#MorningJoe @GOP: "ISIS have attacked the US, instead of letting these patriots go the Democrats want to hold the leader of the organization accountable. It's just political theatre. Time to leave these poor ISIS patriots alone." #MSNBC

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#MorningJoe @msnbc Please stop showing b roll of Trump. We know who he is. You just give him the continued fame he wants.

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@AliciaSmith987 #MorningJoe


Biden's Rolex Watch is not the first time Republicans have desplayed an astonishing level of hypocrisy:

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#MorningJoe If the Canadians can get it right so can Biden's Justice Department, Designate Proud boys ,Boogaloo boys and MAGA Fascist Terrorist Organizations !

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#MorningJoe Most days I'm glad to have slept through this show...😬

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#MorningJoe who's the dictator?

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#MorningJoe The ONLY reasons Republican Senators don't want to convict Trump is because they WANT HIM to get back into power so they can finish their agenda of maintaining THEIR OWN power, turn this country fascist and WE live under authoritarian rule. END OF STORY!

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