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 1 week ago

Many people working from home due to #COVID19 are facing a range of challenges -- including poor working conditions, inadequate wages & increased health risks.

Those in least developed countries particularly at risk, warns @ILO.

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 1 week ago

@UN @ilo My situation in 2020, When I was busy taking lesson.

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@UN @ilo You see how little that water that dude got. I'd be there in a min

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@UN @ilo Central African Republic 🇨🇫 ?

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@UN @ilo Blue helmets make great targets...

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یونگیااااا کیوت خوردنی تک تک ارمیا که با رگ آگوست دیش دهن همه هیترارو صاف میکنه
هشتمین سالگرد پیوستنت به هفت فرشته مبارکککککککگک🥳🥳 کیوتی 🥺🥺💜

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Gracias porque a pesar de todo, no te rendiste, luchaste por tus sueños hasta conseguirlos. Hoy en día eres un artista completo y uno de los mejores que hay. Gracias por elegir a BTS, eres alguien indispensable 💜🥺♥️


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8 years with suga 💜✨ you give us a great songs _Best Rapper_ / _ song writer_ / Amazing Dancing _
We miss you 😔💜
We wish you get better soon ☺️
ALways be happy and keep smiling 💜✨


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大好きだよ。 #Yoongi
#8YearsWithSUGA #윤기가_우리의음악이된지_8년

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