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 4 days ago

As #COVID19 threatens lives & livelihoods, the #GlobalGoals can lead the way to a sustainable recovery and a better future for all.

From taking #ClimateAction to speaking out against injustices, we all have a role to play in transforming our world.

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 1 day ago

@UN Link does not work for me.

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@UN Congratulations!!!Very well done!!! Best Wishes blessing you all🇮🇳💕💥

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@UN And now folks you know what the REAL agenda is. 21> any virus :(

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 4 days ago

@UN Globalism is the threat.

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#AfterTrump the news will cover world news and we will be more informed instead of just covering the Trump outrage of the day.

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#AfterTrump we can all take a collective sigh, and the world can breathe better.

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@marwilliamson Child: "Mommy is it true that an orange man and white supremacists wearing red hats tried to take over our country? "

Mom: "Yes honey, it's true. Now uncle Joe is our President. We don't have to worry about that orange man and people in red hats anymore. #AfterTrump

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I'll probably start sleeping a hell of a lot easier #AfterTrump

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i think all these things will happen #aftertrump :)

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I believe Biden is capable of turning this country around...
Won’t be easy but it will be done

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