One peacekeeper has been killed and another injured today in armed attacks by unidentified combatants in Central African Rep. Secretary-General @antonioguterres strongly condemned it, urging accountability. Attacks come in midst of increased violence following recent elections.

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@charleskambanda @UNPeacekeeping @antonioguterres Avocat du Diable @charleskambanda

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@UNPeacekeeping @antonioguterres You created justification for the rebels to attack peackeepers in CAR; you looked on when Rwanda sent in mercenaries to fight the rebels along side CAR troops. What do you expect from CAR rebels, when some UN troops (Rwanda peacekeepers) are actively fighting them?

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@UNPeacekeeping @antonioguterres You should have suspended Rwanda from CAR peacekeeping mission when Rwanda cut a private deal with the President of CAR and sent mercenaries to CAR. Rwanda is a party to the war in CAR,so they can't be peacekeepers at the same time. Is this rocket science for your organization?

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@UNPeacekeeping @antonioguterres You should be held accountable for this. You allowed Rwanda to send mercenaries to CAR to fight the rebels on behalf of the embattled government. How can Rwanda remain part of UN peacekeeping in CAR while some of its fighters are in CAR, on a private mission, to fight the rebels?

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 1 week ago

@UNPeacekeeping @antonioguterres UN is abody formed to confuse the world instead. UN is serving the interests of individuals like USA etc

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@UNPeacekeeping @antonioguterres Hold steady africa. Contact Nigeria to extend warranty into american military stop their hand off blast as well

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@UNPeacekeeping @antonioguterres Ugandans also needs help MUSEVENI is kidnapping and shooting everyone from the opposite side

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 1 week ago

@UNPeacekeeping @UN @antonioguterres @jica_direct @MofaJapan_en
JICA project Bhubaneswar, India closed our home sewage connection without notice. Sewage overflowing. We reached out to JICA office India - they & @OWSSB1 are washing their hands-off the unsanitary unhygienic problem they created. Great job Japan!

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 1 week ago

@UNPeacekeeping @antonioguterres Egypt and Sudan out from Ethiopian borders that across 40 kms at metema this is not afraid off any bodies but we ask the cabinet meetings in before forced to that country please ,We need peacekeeping in between sudan and Ethiopia borders,before conflict .

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@UNPeacekeeping @UN @antonioguterres May God Almighty bless the souls that strive for spreading love and keeping peace among His creations Amin @UN must activate its Conflict Resolution and Conflict Prevention mechanism ..not just Peacekeeping

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Good morning! โ˜€๏ธ We hope your day is wonderful ๐Ÿต ๐Ÿƒ.


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In jeddah
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NPโ–ถ๏ธ FINE FACE ๐Ÿ“ป by @iam_kcee

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@Mario_comedian x @naomijameskuity x @HindiJanel


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Quick reminder that GAIN is a Lincolnshire Co-op Community Champions finalist. Don't forget to cast you vote for us this week!
Full details on the Lincolnshire Co-op website:

Lincolnshire Co-op
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