I didn’t even know you could be impeached twice. I thought it was like dying

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@Evfields @chrissyteigen He’s had to have his hotels and casinos declare bankruptcy 6 times! Embodiment of failing up.

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 6 days ago

@daystarising88 @chrissyteigen Shingles - it's like Revenge of the ChixPox

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 6 days ago

@official_pibb @chrissyteigen I - this was a tweet I didn’t know I needed

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 6 days ago

@chrissyteigen also by funny i mean terrifying

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@chrissyteigen Me too! Thought it was like chicken pox! You only get it once 😧

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 6 days ago

@chrissyteigen the funniest part to me is that he got impeached the first time for literally trying to rig an election and impeached a second time for... inciting a riot cos he made up that someone else rigged an election? fascinating

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 6 days ago
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 6 days ago

@chrissyteigen Nah.. that BANKRUPTCY bankruptcy is what will kill him lol

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@chrissyteigen this is simply embarrassing

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@chrissyteigen Like drinking 100 Mr Pibb™️ in one night! Seems crazy till it’s done!

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Oh man, I understand why this was such an immediate priority. So unifying! #Unity

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Welcome to Communism everyone!

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#UNITY = you and I


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@POTUS Phew!!! Congratulations to you andVP Harris! So happy you are our 46th President! #unity

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Tag someone who needs to hear this 💙

Good Morning ☀️ I am proud of you for making it another day.

You are powerful beyond measure.

Start your day with some self-appreciation. You are doing great!

#InagurationDay #Unity #wednesdaythought #Mentalhealth

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Here's your first dose of #Unity.

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@ndrew_lawrence @mehdirhasan I hope those days are over. The conservative judges appointed by what's-his-name have proven they weren't bought and will follow the law. For the future I would prefer to have a balanced court but for the next 4 and hopefully the next 8 years I think we're okay. #Unity

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