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 4 days ago

Quoted @flourishedfern

@halsey Would create a look book w looks created by your talented fans 🥺 #aboutface

Literally first thing I’m gonna do as soon as your products arrive and you guys start uploading looks!!!!

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 4 days ago

@tearsricoswift_ @halsey you need to put in in your basket x

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 4 days ago

@halsey what were ur friends and familys first reactions when u showed them the products #aboutface

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 4 days ago

@halsey anyone you would love to do makeup on or vice versa? #aboutface

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 4 days ago

@halsey What have you found most challenging about creating/ releasing makeup ?? #aboutface

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 4 days ago

@halsey will you incorporate other album concepts into your future products? #aboutface

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 4 days ago

@halsey after #aboutface when will we ever find out what the lion was about

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 4 days ago

@halsey Are you the person who looks at the DMs of the about face Instagram account? If you are the one who sees all the things I wrote, I don't care if the time is 2 am I will scream right now.

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 4 days ago

@halsey So I ordered a lip gloss with setting spray, do I need to add the free shadow stick to my basket or will it come automatically? #aboutface

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@halsey have you any playlist or album you listened to while working on your own products? like what music motivates you the most? who’s your biggest music mentor? #aboutface

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You should be sad, you should be.
-Happy one year to you should be sad! I can’t believe that it’s been a year and we have only a week left until manic’s one year! WOW! I hope you like these photos! Share, retweet, just get it out there! And tag @halsey !

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i’m so thankful is a bop #rhoa

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Kenya get TF OFF THE SHOW! You are a HATER! WHERE IS MARC ???? #RHOA

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Kenya is really miserable. I almost feel sorry for her. #RHOA

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Kenya is such a hater #RHOA

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Let’s manifest this #RHOA Season 14 cast together y’all 😌🙏
FOH: Marlo + Sheree

…Cynthia, Tanya, and LaToya can GO.

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Kenya and her 90 fake booty needs to sit all the way down. #RHOA

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What a nice event #RHOA

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Kenya will talk all that to everyone else, but she's quiet when it comes to Marc #RHOA

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