Expel Josh Hawley.
Expel Ted Cruz.
Expel Ron Johnson.
Expel John Kennedy (Louisiana)
Expel Kevin McCarthy.
Expel Steve Scalise.
Expel Jim Jordan.
Expel Matt Gaetz.
Expel Lauren Boebert.
Expel Marjorie Taylor Greene.
Expel Paul Gosar.
Expel Andy Biggs.
Expel Mo Brooks.

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@MichelleNodelle @1813Doncarlo @rokeypdx @DougLaMalfa And mine @RepRutherfordFL

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 2 weeks ago

@1813Doncarlo @rokeypdx This are just the loud mouths with national attention. Every single member voting against a fair election needs to go. Including mine, @DougLaMalfa

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@abmacd53 Profile picture BeKind BeBrave


 2 weeks ago

@1813Doncarlo @LisaJarrett6 All who voted against certifying the electoral college vote were doing the same thing that the attackers were attempting. They were undermining our democratic process and disenfranchising voters who cast legal votes. All of them should be removed.

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@1813Doncarlo @BarbaraHaysSmi1 Are you one of the GOP members in Congress that is as an actual co-conspirator in the attack? Did you give any reconnaissance “tours” in before it happened? Did you tear out any panic buttons?

Assume “YES”, America, for ALL who opposed this impeachment.


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@WeTheAngry Profile picture Andrea


 2 weeks ago
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@LongioScottio Profile picture Scott Long


 2 weeks ago
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 2 weeks ago

@1813Doncarlo @HowardHen795 Take out the trash.

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@1813Doncarlo Expel Madison Cawthorn.

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@WeTheAngry Profile picture Andrea


 2 weeks ago

Let’s talk about CO Rep. Lauren Boebert and her part in the January 6th coup attempt. Newly elected, she has gained notoriety by declaring she will be wearing her loaded Glock around DC. She has professed loyalty to Trump.

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I can NOT stand Jen and she has no business raising children when her emotional age is that of a toddler. How does she look in the mirror everyday when that’s the BEST behavior she can possibly muster? Kudos to Meredith for walking away, can we just lose the brat now?Ugh #RHOSLC

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Jen Shah- “ You think Whitney Rose is a better friend than me?!”

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@TheRealJenShah The main thing I don’t like is how you treated Mary and those low blows At Whitney party about her marriage, that was really nasty and mean. You still have not made that apology. I don’t like hospital smells either and I don’t think she was saying that to be malicious. #RHOSLC

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Who’s responsible for all the drama on this show that you’re watching? What footage would you have without her? 💀


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Jen acting like Whitney repeating what she heard means she lied 🤔 #RHOSLC

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I love when the editors roll the receipts! Heather really is a good friend to Shah. #RHOSLC

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Jen acting like being told her friends are afraid of her at a birthday party is like hurling insults at her at a sacred funeral 🙄 #RHOSLC

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