A quick guide to a few beauty basics for men, from moisturizer to facial hair care.

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@voguemagazine great post!

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I am just tickled by this #RadicalLeftistAgenda of a plan to address the pandemic...

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@KDawn___ Let's see..run to the post office, get dog food, and treat myself to takeout lunch. #RadicalLeftistAgenda

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My #RadicalLeftistAgenda today is to help my friends get houses in XIV.

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CNN Steltzer: “There were only protests going on in a very small area of DC at the Capitol building. If you zoom out from the map, you can see that's just a very small area of DC that is not even 4 city blocks. This is nothing.”

#ImpeachBidenNow #RadicalLeftistAgenda

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Mopping the kitchen floor and maybe warming up some chicken nuggets.


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My #RadicalLeftistAgenda for today includes cuddling with the furbabies & binge watch Star Trek

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