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Oh my goodness these chocolate chunk cookies from @ChickfilA are amazing! Great way to soften the blow from an epic @penguins fail against the @NHLFlyers. #TheBest #EatingMyWayInFeelings #Pens #Penguins #Flyers #PITvsPHI

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NEWS: $REGRF #HighRiskCA @Eh_Canadaian @ASoychak @LiquidityNews @newsfile_corp @MarketWN @squeezereport $REGRF $PSYCF $GDRX $GTCH

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How does CA so consistently ignore the needs of its disabled citizens — to the point of murdering them by neglect? @GavinNewsom #HighRiskCA #PGE #Triage How much worse is it in other states???

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Why doesn't @CAgovernor @GavinNewsom care about vulnerable residents in CA? #HighRiskCA

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Wooohoo @steven_aquino and @SFdirewolf, #HighRiskCA is officially your trend, celebrate? I have spoken.

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Beyond dismayed at @GavinNewsom's new #vaccine rollout. Prime example 21st century eugenics. Not prioritizing at-risk populations such as essential workers and disabled folks is racist, classist, and ableist. How many times must we ask you to stop killing us?? #HighRiskCA

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@GavinNewsom Why are you abandoning priority for people with serious health conditions? #HighRiskCA has been waiting, but not all of us are in congregate homes or over 65. Covid kills healthy people easily, but you've left the immunocompromised, folks with severe lung issues, etc to last.

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BREAKING NEWS: $REGRF Graph Blockchain Signs a Definitive Agreement with Babbage Mining Corp. and Announces Financing

#HistoricTractorMarch @WhyteStocks @LeightonEngen @BeefEnt $REGRF $AABB $PSYCF $GDRX

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Not in CA, but I stand with my high risk siblings located there who are not being prioritized in any way for the COVID vaccine. #HighRiskCA

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