@SenTomCotton This is a cowardly statement that a lot of our cowardly GOP sellouts are using as an excuse.

FACT: These same republicans had no problem confirming a Supreme Court justice in just 8 days. They could look at the evidence and have a conclusion within an hour if they wanted to.

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@AllynZiebarth Profile picture Allyn


 1 week ago

@DanWhitCongress @SenTomCotton Excellent point.

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@OnePaxton Profile picture PaxOne


 1 week ago

@DanWhitCongress @SenTomCotton I’ve provided @GOP the following script for when their Grandchildren are fresh from History Class and have questions.

“I was weak and afraid. I abandoned my sacred oath in favor of wealth and influence. I betrayed my country without regret. I am without honor or principles.”🇺🇸

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 1 week ago

@DanWhitCongress @SenTomCotton Schumer needs to force an up and down vote in the senate to remove Trump next week. Get it off Biden’s plate before he comes into office and force the GOP on the record so they can fight it out amongst themselves over the next couple of years or else they’ll play the victim.

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@SenTomCotton Profile picture Tom Cotton


 1 week ago

My statement on senate impeachment proceedings:

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