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 1 week ago

A group of frogs is called an "army"

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@amazingarica @UberFacts I'm gonna assume it's down to them being mostly green/camouflage on leaves etc? So like the army wear green and camo? dunno, educated guess.

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@UberFacts I think you should be very scared

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@UberFacts I have 3 kermits...
Almost a nation myself🤭

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@UberFacts Proud Boys:"Quak"

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@UberFacts And a group of crows is called "murder"

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@UberFacts Pepe The Frog

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 1 week ago

@UberFacts For a good damn reason!

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 1 week ago

@UberFacts That’s explains

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Always remember the fans who made you trend 15th on Twitter on a very historic Inaugural Day.

Just saying...


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@AdamSKutner #AdamKutnerPowerPlay

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