Can we please all agree that this experiment of having a dumb TV host and shady real estate developer with no government knowledge, 3 wives, 6 bankruptcies, 68 charges of sexual assault, 5,800 lawsuits, and $1 billion in debt as president is not going well at all? #ConvictTrump

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@LatinaWriterrrr Profile picture Roxanne


 5 days ago

@BudChase9 @Strandjunker Can we please agree that this experiment of having absolutely no qualifications needed to rule an entire nation as President is not going well?

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@StyleWriterNYC @Strandjunker Vulgar is the word

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@mi2la Profile picture mi2la


 6 days ago
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@Strandjunker Can we also fold in that he's a total creep who thinks his money and status can buy any woman he encounters, and that his taste is the worst possible kind: cheap, but with money?

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@mickezz Profile picture Mikael Ekberg


 6 days ago
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@Strandjunker I think we do, but perhaps we may still have a few stragglers who may need to play catch up...

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@Strandjunker Agreed.

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Damn Trump really wasn’t lying when he said he loves the poorly educated😂

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