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 1 week ago

A man named Jeremy Harper counted to one million in 2007. He didn't leave his house or shave until he was done, and it was all live-streamed from a webcam

He started counting on June 18th and finished on September 14th

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@Michael_chux @UberFacts Until the drugs kicked in.

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@GotEwan @UberFacts Another question that needs an answer.

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 6 days ago

@spitstart @UberFacts That was so funny

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@_RAWBYN @UberFacts 😂🤣😭

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@UberFacts that man took the phrase “count on me” too literal

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@UberFacts He must be bored af

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 1 week ago

@UberFacts He's still there

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 1 week ago

@UberFacts Dear God why?

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@UberFacts Then he died 💀

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@UberFacts So??

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#RHOC what's wrog with these moms???
if someone offered drugs to my 14 y.o. I'd beat them up...drag them by the hair...and I've never hit anyone in my life.

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Side effects? Sounds like electroporation. #ZAYNxKAI #RHOC #RHOSLC #BernieSanders #StockMarket

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If all Braunwyn’s “friends” stood up to confirm the many activities she claims they did (googling, seeing, hearing...) a whole new cast could do a show “Real Housewives of Brauny’s Delusions!” #RHOC #RHOCReunion

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Ooooh @Andy is going IN on Kelly. And I’m living for it. #RHOCReunion #RHOC #MaskUp

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@RHOC_KellyDodd Stop watching @RHOC_KellyDodd 2nd season #RHOC work for your money lazy a$$

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It’s time @Andy @BravoTV to sunset #RHOC. It was a horrible season. It has been horrible for a couple of years now. The humor and glamour are gone.

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So Kelly is black now? #RHOC

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