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@halsey did u call it about face AF of > Ashley Frangipane ? #aboutface

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hello what are your questions :) #aboutface

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It's incredible that MAGA people aren't even a little bothered that Banon stole their money in the name of BUILDING A WALL that Mexico was supposed to pay for 4 years ago. I mean...you can't make this shit up. 不不不不不
#Pardons #SteveBannon #Trump

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#KwameKilpatrick-analogously to #RodBlagojevich, who received a commutation last February-defines criminal "swampiness"
Both abused-ergregiously, arrogantly, for personal profit, in an entitled manner-the offices their constituents entrusted to them
As has #trump

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Damn disappointed Donald @POTUS , bunch of politicians guilty of racketeering, wire fraud, politcal bribes, stealing gov property and etc pardoned but nothing for Assange or Snowden.

Really look out for your own first I guess.

This dropped you a ton in my book.


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#Pardons Bobby Shmurda going through the pardon list like

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Another reason that @SpeakerPelosi is way smarter than Donald Trump. She says Trump could be accessory to murder after Capitol riot via @politico #pardons #ImpeachTrumpNow #TrumpCoupAttempt

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@eliehonig How can Presidential pardons be reformed, through Congress or Supreme Court? I feel the world is laughing at our system. This pardon is all about corruption. This needs to end!!!!
#PardonWatch #Pardons #presidentialpardon #CorruptTrump

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Im reading the #Pardons list now. Some of these descriptions?

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The people losing their mind over this have brain worms. Every president does this, you literal morons.

Obama issued 300 on his last day---Some of which included people that were in terror organizations.

So lemme get this right---You suddenly want to pretend you care?

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