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 1 week ago

Giving birth in lockdown: Expectant mother gets support from community workers in #Xinjiang

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#KeystoneXL 11,000 union, high paying jobs are now out of work. @JustinTrudeau furious. Tell that to border patrol who won't be able to STOP Covid & SDI's from coming in from illegal caravan heading here.

#liberals #notmypresident


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@Shantel91505 She’s hurt the black community more than the KKK has in the last few years. Just saying. #ImpeachBidenNow

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I wake up to #ImpeachBidenNow trending. This is funny. Stay mad Trumpies.

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@AnthonyAsher99 funny meme did you waste 5 hours of your life making this? #ImpeachBidenNow

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It’s time. We have Biden a chance. He already fucked up. #ImpeachBidenNow

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