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 5 days ago

Quoted @MeidasTouch


Retweet if you think the Senate must #ConvictTrump

We all saw what happened. #ConvictTrump

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@KoskellaKim @donwinslow @LaneZane1 Thank you #GOPHouse10 we know you're scared and that was hard!

But we can't #ConvictTrump without FULL EXTENDED SECURITY to all Congress from #YallQaeda or they wont vote!

Esp. when sticking your neck out means violence back at home & town offices with little to no security!!

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 5 days ago

@donwinslow Great job!!!!

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 5 days ago

@donwinslow @MeidasTouch And we heard what he said.

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@donwinslow There must be consequences.

β†’ #ConvictTrump ←
β†’ #ConvictTrump ←
β†’ #ConvictTrump ←
β†’ #ConvictTrump ←
β†’ #ConvictTrump ←
β†’ #ConvictTrump ←
β†’ #ConvictTrump ←

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@donwinslow Everybody, incluing the entire GOP, knows that he said what he said. That he told his supporters to go invade the Capitol and kill his VP. There’s no plausible deniability, and they know it.
What's happening in Congress with them pretending not to know is a f*** farce.

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 5 days ago

@donwinslow They're scared of some illusion of power that he doesn't actually have.

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@donwinslow Yes we did.

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"Rudy, I'm not giving you pardon, but here's a jar of Grey Poupon." #Pardons #RudyGiuliani #TrumpPardons #TrumpPardon

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Trumps pardoning is rather like Luke 16:1-13 #TrumpsLastDay #Pardons

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#trumpslastday is going how I expected it to! #Pardons for thieves , murderers, crime family bosses, traitors/treasonists, corporate scumbags and rapists. Why have any morals now? πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

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No pardon for Iarno β€œGlasstaff” Albrek!


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#FREEYAK So is the tiger king Joe Exotic getting a pardon from Trump? I heard one source say yes and another source say no. #tuesdayvibe #Pardons #PardonSnowden

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