Vogue Russia editor Sveta Vashenyak started a label in which she gives dated fur coats a new, chic life.

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@voguemagazine 😡😡😡😡😡 Nobody should wear fur except for the animals. Promoting a brand that is actively responsible for the needless suffering and slaughtering of animals is totally wrong.

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 1 week ago

@voguemagazine Stop Wearing and Buying Furs!🤬🤬🤬🤬

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@voguemagazine Love it!!❤️

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 1 week ago
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since #dreamwaswrong is trending

Dream stating in barely a minute long response on a stream and nowhere else about how bad it is to draw porn of his underage fans was the shittiest way to handle it especially if he's stated he doesn't care if people draw porn of him.

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#dreamwaswrong pls attack the weirdos who actually draw the nsfw stuff instead of dream. check out @averagemcyt for more info :D
also i recommend watching this quackity 2017 song as it's become relevant now:

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It doesn’t surprise me that dream stans are drawing child porn. Tbh stans are brain dead anyway no matter who it’s for #dreamwaswrong

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A thread:
(TW: CP)

I'm on the fence about the #dreamwaswrong hashtag. I agree that as the fandom grows, there is more concerning art containing cp. I feel dreams original stream addressing this stuff didn't go far enough and several toxic fans are using that as a scapegoat.

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// dream, mctwt

#dreamwaswrong no way.......... dream? being WRONG? oh my god........ its almost as if hes been WRONG THE MOMENT HE EXISTED

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#dreamwaswrong hey twt what the fuck is happening y r people blaming dream for other people drawing cp, u guys know he cant control his WHOLE fanbase, he has already addressed the drawing p0rn of minors thing in a past stream s y r people bringing it up now

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#dreamwaswrong he’s already in jail tho wdym 😐

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