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 6 days ago

What you wear affects how you behave

It's called "enclothed cognition"

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 6 days ago

@Korcube @UberFacts Look swell , feel swell , play swell

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 6 days ago

@shreeecasm @UberFacts answer the woman uber

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@De_Moshood @UberFacts Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.

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@UberFacts then how do u explain the behaviour of those enthusiastic nudists? are they the most real in their behaviour?

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 6 days ago
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 6 days ago

@UberFacts You are the books you read.

The foods you eat.

The movies you watch.

The music you listen to.

The people you spend time with.

The conversations you engage in.

Choose wisely what you feed your mind. ]

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I may have made some bad life choices.

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@UberFacts Those of us that wears white always can relate...


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@UberFacts Sooo true

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Meet me in the land of hope and dreams 🙏 @springsteen #dkpol #BidenHarrisInauguration #CelebratingAmerica

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That was absolutely beautiful and what my soul needed!
"Baby, you're a firework!"

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Celebrating America hosted by Tom Hanks | Biden-Harris Inauguration 2021 via @YouTube

Die Gebärdendolmetscherin ❤️ #CelebratingAmerica

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Il y a 6 heures, le message de Joe Biden qui lui donne un air de méfiance envers ses propres collaborateurs Démocrates qu'il a nommé lui-même, va-t-il faire oublier ou gracier #GhislaineMaxwell ? #Trump #Paris #Climat #Covid19 #CelebratingAmerica #Bernie #Biden #Melania

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Venez me dire que Katy Perry ne vous a pas foutu les frissons. #InaugurationDay #CelebratingAmerica

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Jon Bon Jovi - Here Comes The Sun - “Celebrating America” Biden Inaugura... via @YouTube. Un message d’espoir. Ça ne fait jamais de mal. #CelebratingAmerica #Biden

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