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 5 days ago

All social media with democratic party help to win in any election but republican party have not any thing to win afterthat so any election we will show democratic only in the history of america #Trumplmpeachment

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@KamWestcott is my new favorite housewife! Dallas doesn't deserve you 🙌🏼🙌🏼 #rhod

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hey #RHOD @karybrittingham dnt give the rest of us Latins a bad name, we are not all unbearable obnxious nut cases

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Brandi went to Florida but didn't quarantine?

Kameron shouldn't have invited her. Problem solved. #RHOD

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Were there no hot guys in Dallas? #RHOD

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Kary has got to go #RHOD

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Patriot Party #TrumpsLastDay
Claudia Conway Karl Malone #Inauguration2021     
#Catfish #RHOD James Charles Kylie Jenner Willy Wonka skai jackson video leaked 🐈

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Wait. We didn’t get to see Kary spray with champagne! Boooooooooo. #rhod

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Like....the hired workers are all wearing masks but none of the guests are. The disregard for others, my god. #RHOD and #RHOA should both be carrying health disclaimers at this point.

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