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Let's get 1,000 replies with #ConvictTrump as quickly as possible and send a message to the Senate

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Hey @nytimes #rehireLauren or I ditch and start reading #washingtonpost #RETWEEET thanks #alyssamilano

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I considered buying a subscription to the @nytimes last year, but I kept being agog at their decisions regarding personnel. #rehireLauren Every time I get close to subscribing there's another thing to go WTF at and turn away instead.

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@nytimes I never thought youโ€™d stoop so low and be so cruel ! Make a difference in a great journalist life ! She didnโ€™t deserve to be fired ! @washingtonpost #rehireLauren #rehirelaurenwolfe

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The Times spent four years treating all tweets as major national issues. Now leftist whiners want them to #rehireLauren. Too bad. She embarrassed the organization.

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