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 1 week ago

New video alert! Let’s get 3,000 replies and tweets with the hashtag #ConvictTrump and we will release new video!

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Follow me if you too know Seth Rogen
is not related to Joe Rogan.


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#SethRoganLovesTedCruz ??? Me thinketh not. #MAGA #KAG #MAGA2020 not thinketh.

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Hard give away that this is trending because of conservatives when the spelling is incorrect . Ted Cruz is a disgusting dirt bag #SethRoganlovesTedCruz

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@BiffNola Hi I’m Ted Cruz and I killed a cop! #SethRoganLovesTedCruz

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@tedcruz @Sethrogen

To Ted Cruz vital organs,

Please stop working for this asshole. Quit your job And move on just as he quit working for Americans.

Thank You,

99% of Americans

#TedCruzIsATraitor #SethRoganLovesTedCruz #TedCruz

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U can tell the MAGA dumb f’ck crowd started this hashtag because they spelled Seth’s name wrong. #SethRoganlovesTedCruz

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You know a MAGA started an hashtag when they can't even spell correctly someone's name. It's Seth Rogen. And I'm pretty sure no one loves Ted Cruz. Unless you're blind & deaf or a MAGA...

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