"It's a lot easier when you have guys like @nolan_patrick19 out there."

Hear from @ErkanGustafsson, @FarabeeJoel and @KevinPHayes12 following our season opening win over the Pens.

#AnytimeAnywhere | #PITvsPHI

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@BeerLeagueSelke Profile picture Chris


 1 day ago

@NHLFlyers @nolan_patrick19 @ErkanGustafsson @FarabeeJoel @KevinPHayes12 Good to see him back on the ice and the score sheet, even if they go in off the butt. #RedFlyer

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@NHLFlyers @nolan_patrick19 @ErkanGustafsson @FarabeeJoel @KevinPHayes12 Happy to see Nolan and Oskar back out there for y’all. Good luck this year!

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@NHLFlyers @nolan_patrick19 @ErkanGustafsson @FarabeeJoel @KevinPHayes12 Well done guys 👍🏽💪🏽😄

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@majornelson #freecodefridaycontest i played Apex Legends the most and i want Halo Infinite in 2021.

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@majornelson Most played 2020 - forza horizon 4
Most exited for 2021 - new Forza #FreeCodeFridayContest

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@majornelson #FreeCodeFridayContest played smite with the bois and I’m hyped for back 4 blood

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Good luck everithing #FreeCodefridaycontest

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@majornelson Most played game on 2020 was @JoinDeepRock and 2021 is gonna be @Halo Infinite for sure!

Both available on Game Pass! #FreeCodeFridayContest

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@majornelson Probably Black Ops Cold War / Warzone and I’ve been putting a lot of hours into AC Valhalla #freecodefridaycontest

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