#ConvictTrump is still trending top ten in the United States. Let’s keep it going.

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We are taking on Josh Hawley, Ted Cruz and any elected official or candidate up and down the ballot this cycle that cheered on, fueled and supported the insurrection. Help us get these billboards up immediately:

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Ted Cruz

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on hold for 20 min. then the guys phone was cutting out so bad I couldn't hear him so he added me back to the queue........ now on hold again

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@KTVZ bunch of nazi twits dressed up to destabilize things.

GJ giving them media attention KTVZ #fail

#ThursdayThoughts Paris

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A cross-section of Nigeria’s ex-internationals on Thursday mourned the demise of Joe Erico, a former Green Eagles goalkeeper, describing him as a mentor who lived a life worthy of emulation

#thursdayvibes #thursdaymorning #Biden #HoldMeDownByNajae

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