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If Keith Yandle waives his no-move look for the Philadelphia Flyers to join the Boston as potential landing spots. Player hasn’t asked for a trade and team has yet to officially ask him to waive. #Flapanthers

Lets play Andys hypothetical if Yandle did this #Flyers would be interested. Only way PHI would entertain a deal is if Yandle waived NTC for expansion draft & FLA takes JVR. IF ONE OF THESE is not met, no deal. But even if they are, a deal makes no sense for PHI. #AnytimeAnywhere

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@JBPhi Profile picture Jared


 1 week ago

@B_Sommermann Why would you trade a 30 goal scorer?

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@RoutierTrey Over who? Yandle is left handed and only plays left side. Who is he replacing Provorov, Sanheim, or Hagg?

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 1 week ago

@B_Sommermann I mean can he realistically be a massive improvement over what we have? I don’t think so personally. Maybe sending Ghost back the other way along with another contract, but I mean I don’t think it makes sense

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Here’s my photo for #patchestwtselfieday :) this is Luna she’s a brat

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#patchestwtselfieday my cat is not photogenic-

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⠀➵ rts are appreciated !!

she's old and doesn't have many years left. also, something is wrong with her eye, but hopefully it gets better soon. 😻

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#patchestwtselfieday i dont usually do these, but this is Popoki 🥰🥰 she is very sweet and i love her dearly

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i’ve never had a cat but here’s my dog :)

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the first cat is mine, the rest is patches lmfaooo #patchestwtselfieday

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