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 1 day ago

After missing all of last season, @nolan_patrick19 found the back of the net in period one of his first game back.

Well done, Nolan. 🙏 #NHLFaceOff

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 1 day ago

@NHL @nolan_patrick19 Always nice to see a good come back

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@B1GCLaY @NHL @nolan_patrick19 right the puck went off nolan patrick into the net, so he scored.

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 1 day ago

@NHL @nolan_patrick19 The Gustafson shot grazed his arm and he was credited with the deflection goal. Do you even watch hockey @NHL ?

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@NHL @nolan_patrick19 The Pens really went from Fleury and Letang to Murray and Johnson to Jarry and Ceci

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@NHL @nolan_patrick19 Dude has two first names so it’s not surprising to see him have this success

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@NHL @nolan_patrick19 Better than Crosby

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#TwitchRecap @oonolivewow N°1 et c'est mérité, il m'a carry ce début d'extension avec les strats des donjons et le nombre de question auquel il a répondus ! Un amour ce gars vraiment que de la bienveillance avec lui !

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2020 was rough in many ways but I'm glad I've been able to find new friends through streaming! Thank you all for being a part of my streaming journey and making this small streamer happy💜 #TwitchRecap #TwitchRecap2020

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Thanks to @JoeDeLuca @scump and @JamesCrowder for making this year bearable with the quality streams. Keep crushing it guys! #TwitchRecap

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Charlotte d'Ornellas est sur Twitter ! #COVIDー19 #CouvreFeu #Facebook #confinement #TwitchRecap #BrunoLeMaire #NicolasSarkozy

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