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#dreamwaswrong dream said that he doesn't care about the nsfw and that he laughs at it, he said it's not okay to make nsfw stuff for minors or anyone that's uncomfy, so idk why y'all are getting pressed. please before you call someone out, educate yourself :) credit : @/koieky

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Why is this hashtag not about the people actually doing the disgusting, illegal s*** #dreamwaswrong ?

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#dreamwaswrong let me clarify this rq
I do not hate dream, hes just not my thing.
its fucked up,

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on the topic of child p/rn art, or just child p/rn in general

i have found at *least* 3 sm/ts on ao3 that include tommyxtubbo which is really fucking disgusting on several levels.

i don't know how to get them taken down because i dont know sh/t about ao3

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idk the context but i'm just thinking of the stan wrong song from gravity falls #dreamwaswrong

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