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 1 week ago

Análise: #ImpeachmentDay a Donald Trump sem tempo para seguir para o Senado.

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the one thing that's on my #RadicalLeftistAgenda is to eat my food and be thankful for it.

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#radicalleftistagenda is when you bust a nut but she keeps sucking

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My #RadicalLeftistAgenda for the weekend is to care for my elderly parents, do some laundry, and watch streaming TV. I might drink some coffee, take a nap, and bake a quiche. I might even read a book or two.

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maybe if enough people get #RadicalLeftistAgenda trending we'll actually get one

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@MCEA1969 @TheRealHoarse I didn't forget the 2 billion in damages you people caused, not to mention the bombs and molotov cocktails you threw. #RadicalLeftistAgenda

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@RancidGinger @TheRealHoarse In terms of fulfilling the #RadicalLeftistAgenda, solar panels checks a lot of boxes.

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