NEW: The guy carrying the Confederate flag is in custody. w/@ktbenner @GiuliaMcDonnell

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 1 week ago

@hazel6614 @adamgoldmanNYT @jentaub @ktbenner @GiuliaMcDonnell Right?!

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 1 week ago

@imagine32743903 @adamgoldmanNYT @ktbenner @GiuliaMcDonnell This is the work of the twitterverse. They are identifying these seditionists. Law enforcement’s doing the easy part.

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@GrytpypeOBE @adamgoldmanNYT @ktbenner @GiuliaMcDonnell nah treason. That flag is of an enemy of the US

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 1 week ago

@adamgoldmanNYT @jentaub @ktbenner @GiuliaMcDonnell Fucking fantastic. Made my day.

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 1 week ago

@adamgoldmanNYT @ktbenner @GiuliaMcDonnell Good. Never let him out.

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@adamgoldmanNYT @ktbenner @GiuliaMcDonnell Well done....what law enforcement can do with a little media encouragement.

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 1 week ago
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If you're unironically tweeting #BidenErasedWomen, get off the internet and into therapy.

Stop taking your unresolved trauma out on trans women because you're too afraid to stand up to a man.

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trans women are so fucking valid. die mad. #BidenErasedWomen

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#BidenErasedWomen ... madre mía la que nos viene. Otra época de sombra, opresión y oscuridad para las mujeres. Ánimo. El avance no ha sido un espejismo. Pero es un hecho que vamos perdiendo.

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Woke libs coming for girls sports. Wokism ruins everything it touches. #BidenErasedWomen

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WHY IS THIS TRENDING?! #BidenErasedWomen

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Not even 24 hours and Twitter is waking up to the fact that #BidenErasedWomen

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