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Comey: Biden should consider pardoning Trump

Bazemore: Comey should consider shutting the fuck up.

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@deepwatermike Obviously, he should have considered that a long time ago.

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@waitmanb That's some galaxy brain shit right there.

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 1 week ago

@deepwatermike How can he be so wrong on so many issues? It’s wild that someone with this judgement was the fucking FBI Director! Firing him might have been the best outcome.

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My winner for the #silhouettechallenge hands down she made my night #TickTock

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One stupid person is somewhere trying to make skits and jokes with the #silhouettechallenge
Bike go jam you🙏🏾

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When data finishes after spending hours watching #silhouettechallenge but you find out you were connected to somebody's WiFi hotspot all along.

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@AddyMavis @Efua_1122 i dey wait for your #silhouettechallenge likr crazzyyyy!!!...😎😊😁😁😂😂

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Ladies, please always give us side views, it's very important #silhouettechallenge

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Pronounce #silhouettechallenge or go to jail
Ugandans: 👇

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