@ianbremmer 3 goals are a hat trick, 2 impeachment’s are a Trump #AmericaOrTrump

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 1 week ago

For context

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While Biden destroys jobs, raises taxes on the Middle class, & re-starts the endless war in Iraq!!! 🤣 #BidenErasedWomen #thursdaymorning

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Some women in comparatively one of the safest countries in the world to be one, feel that they’re experiencing oppression. Saying trans people should be able to live without fear is a threat to their very existence. This hyperbole is completely over the top. #BidenErasedWomen

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Why are transwomen's concerns about male violence valid while biological women's are irrational and transphobic? #BidenErasedWomen #SexNotGender

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You know the moral fiber of the country is declining when people are literally defending the rights of toilets #BidenErasedWomen

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So if #BidenErasedWomen, how does that work with genderfluid folks? Do they disappear sometimes and come back only when they're feeling masc enough? I need the lore, folx.

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#BidenErasedWomen after smelling their hair🤣🤣🤣

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wtf is happening-- slow your roll its only been a day.

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