To make such opinions on his behalf whay he thinks Biden should do. Maybe for once he should shut his mouth and stick to law enforcement. If Joe Biden does pardon Trump he will lose 50% of the electorate. #AmericaOrTrump #BanTrumpSaveDemocracy

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@JohnVetsResist1 Comey makes bad decisions.

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.@Comey wants @JoeBiden to consider pardoning Trump. Comey hasn't made the smartest choices in the past, his speech about the Clinton email investigation when asked not to. Then he leaked about reopening the Clinton investigation to Republican congress. Comey isn't in a place

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#catsjudgingmarjorie - Is it safe for me to come out now? I heard Marjorie Taylor Greene has a Facebook post about shooting House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in the head. That scares me. I hope Nancy is safe from her.

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Did someone say #catsjudgingmarjorie? This is NotMyKitteh. She doesn't live here but nobody told her that. Well...maybe someone did but who listens to that nonsense? She def thinks Marjorie's one of the worst in a spangling shitshow of clowns. And you know NMK is never wrong.

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