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Many songs were written about the legend that is Diego Maradona. As a musical tribute to a great footballer, here’s my version of one of the most famous Maradona songs: La mano de Dios. Rest in peace Diego. @BBCNews @BBCWorld @BBCSport @bbcmundo #Maradona

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At my local Moscow supermarket, I just bought this patriotic Russian board game for little kids, featuring nuclear missile silos and declarations that “Our enemies will never beat us!” The perfect Christmas gift? @BBCNews @BBCWorld

Personally I prefer Snakes & Ladders.

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Decisions, decisions. Which of these four calendars on sale in Moscow would you choose for your kitchen wall? @BBCNews @BBCWorld #2021

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Rachmaninoff meets Strictly. @bbcstrictly @BBCOne @BBCRadio3 @BBCNews @BBCNewsEnts @ZoeTheBall #StrictlyComeDancing

Dance-off? No. Rachmanin-off! #StrictlyComeDancing @bbcstrictly

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It's an open-and-shut case: from Bergerac to The Bill, British TV has created some brilliant detective dramas. It would be criminal not to celebrate their signature tunes on #WorldTelevisionDay. So here we go: 'Do Re Mi Fa So LAW Ti Do!" @BBCNewsEnts @BBCNews @BBCRadio2

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Here's the screening times on @BBCWorld this weekend, if you can catch it.

From my BBC Moscow colleagues @sarahrainsford @LizaVereykina @AntonChicherov

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I’ve only met a BBC Director-General once. It was 35 years ago today, when Alasdair Milne invited a BBC-crazy school kid from Chingford to Broadcasting House. Busy guy, but he still found time to reply to my letter & meet me. Never forgotten that. @BBC @BBCNews @BBCWorld

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The BBC’s Head of Newsgathering @jonathancmunro on how Covid has forced all of us to change the way we work.

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Richard Baker was one of my BBC heroes. The affable, unflappable newsreader, who also narrated kids’ shows & played the piano. I wrote to him when I was 7 & he sent me a signed photo. I was so excited. Now, so sad to hear of his death. RIP Richard. Here’s my musical tribute.

BBC newsreader Richard Baker died two years ago today. This was my musical tribute to a BBC legend.

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We speak to Maia Sandu, winner of Moldova's presidential election. She'd like #Moldova to join the EU. Would Russia stand by & let that happen? "We have the right to choose what we want for our country" she says.
@BBCNews @BBCWorld Camera @mattgodtv Producer @BBCWillVernon

Moldova’s President-Elect speaks to the BBC. @BBCNews @BBCWorld @bbcworldservice

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The Kremlin may be slow in congratulating America’s new leader. But it’s been quick to reach out to Moldova’s new president. Vladimir Putin has sent Maia Sandu a telegram wishing her good luck & calling for “constructive development of relations.”

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In Moldova’s presidential election, all the votes have been counted. Big win for the pro-EU candidate over the Kremlin-backed incumbent:
57.75% = Maia Sandu
42.25% = Igor Dodon

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Judging by Russian state TV, Moscow thinks it has outmanoeuvred Turkey over Karabakh. We’ll see. Anchor says: “Turkey’s participation (in the region) will be kept to small doses due to Russia’s strong position & Putin’s unique ability to curb the appetite of our partners.”

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In the end, Vladimir Putin’s good luck wishes to Moldova’s pro-Russian president don’t appear to have brought him much luck: Igor Dodon is heading for defeat in the presidential election. Maia Sandu’s on track to become Moldova’s next president.

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Just reached Moldova & heard the sad news Des O’Connor has died. What a great entertainer he was. Found a hotel, as a tribute, is one of his greatest hits. Rest in peace Des. (P.S. The Greek national football team is sitting listening & sends condolences.) @BBCNews

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"They loved each other and we did not know." There is human suffering on both sides after the war for #NagornoKarabakh. Our latest report from #Azerbaijan for @BBCWorld #BBCNewsTen about the cost of victory. Thanks to the team @Goktay @Clear_red and @StuHollandesq.

My colleague @OrlaGuerin reports on the human cost of victory for Azerbaijan in the war for Nagorno-Karabakh.

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Today we saw Russian peacekeepers in Dadivank, Kelbajar district. Their mission: to protect the Armenian monastery there ahead of the district being handed back to Azerbaijan.

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