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Internet trolls derail political debate and silence people

What can you do to help reduce their impact online?

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Norway excavates a Viking longship fit for a king

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The hidden story of African-Irish children

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Africa's week in pictures: 27 November - 3 December 2020

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Coronavirus: Is India's test and tracing strategy working?

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Egypt arrests: Three human rights members released from detention

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Biden to ask Americans to wear masks for 100 days

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How can you reduce what companies can find out about us from our digital footprint?

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The moment Ranjitsinh Disale, from a village school in India, was named the world's most exceptional teacher

He said he would share the $1m (瞿750,000) prize money with the nine runners-up in the competition

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The internet has turbo boosted fake news

How can you spot and stop it from spreading?

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Italy announces strict coronavirus curbs for Christmas, including ban on travel between different regions

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"Mango seeds and material was just everywhere" 平平平

Meet the girl who made a dress out of 1,400 unwanted mangoes to highlight food waste

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China is greatest threat to freedom - US intelligence chief

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Tiger mauls volunteer at Carole Baskins' Big Cat Rescue

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Replying to @BBCRosAtkins: The UK is clear that #COVID19 vaccines will not be mandatory. But after it approved the #Pfizer vaccine, we know theres

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Dr Fauci says he didn't mean to "imply any sloppiness" & walked back comments about speed of UK vaccine approval

The top US infectious disease expert says he has "great faith" in UK scientific community & regulators & apologised for any "misunderstanding"

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Social media bubbles might mean you only see one side of a debate

How can we broaden our horizons online?

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The UK is clear that #COVID19 vaccines will not be mandatory. But after it approved the #Pfizer vaccine, we know theres a lot of interest globally in whether people will have to get vaccinated in some circumstances. Produced @Briony_sowden @DJHardman.

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What's behind an avatar? How to spot if you're talking to a bot or troll on social media

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Real clips, taken out of context, can be misleading

How can you tell when a video is trying to fool you using false context?

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Venezuela crisis: How the political situation escalated

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