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Updated: (with new lineup) With #Flyers Sean Couturier out, Morgan Frost gets his chance. Find out where Frost will play and more on how Frost got prepared for the season inside... #FlyersTalk #AnytimeAnywhere

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Quoted @charlieo_conn

Lines and pairs at today's practice:



Would have thought maybe #Flyers HC Alain Vigneault put Giroux with Frost to take some faceoffs, but Frost enters right into vacated spot by Couturier. Will be interesting to see that line, Lindblom-Frost-TK, tomorrow night. #AnytimeAnywhere

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Quoted @ProFootballDoc

Likely 4-6 weeks for return unless getting rib block injections pregame but remember, @NHL physicians don't routinely travel.

NFL doctor that doesnt know what NHL players play through. #Flyers Sean Couturier played through torn MCL in playoffs in 2018. Now Couturier may wait a little longer bc its just the start of the season, but my guess is Couturier misses 3-weeks max. #FlyersTalk #AnytimeAnywhere

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Patriots OC Josh McDaniels will interview for #Eagles head coaching job Sunday & is expected to be a top candidate. McDaniels fits the mold of possible coaches that could lead to a revival of Carson Wentz. More on Josh McDaniels inside... #FlyEaglesFly

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Quoted @MikeReiss

Josh McDaniels’ scheduled interview with the Eagles on Sunday for their head-coaching vacancy - first reported by @Bo_Wulf and @AkronJackson - is McDaniels’ first this cycle and intriguing in the sense that he might be just what the Eagles desire/need to revive Carson Wentz.

This is why #Eagles are interviewing Josh McDaniels. With reports surfacing Eagles want someone who can try to get Carson Wentz back to normal, McDaniels fits that mold. #FlyEaglesFly

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Quoted @Bo_Wulf

Reporting with @AkronJackson: Patriots OC Josh McDaniels is a candidate for the Eagles' head coaching job and is set to interview with Jeffrey Lurie in Florida.

Excellent look at Josh McDaniels, who will interview for #Eagles head coaching job & expected be a top candidate. One thing to point out before everyone gets on him for his 4 seasons without Tom Brady, his QBs were Kyle Orton, Tim Tebow, Sam Bradford, & Cam Newton. #FlyEaglesFly

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With #Flyers Sean Couturier out a minimum of two weeks, top prospect Morgan Frost, who is focused on "being a 200 ft player", gets his chance. Couturier's injury diagnosis & a look at the possible new lineup inside... #FlyersTalk #AnytimeAnywhere

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At least two weeks for #Flyers Sean Couturier. #AnytimeAnywhere

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When #Flyers Morgan Frost made his debut last season, he did it on a line centering Claude Giroux & Travis Konecny. If Couturier misses times & Vigneault goes back to that line, PHI could look like this...



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Quoted @JameyBaskow

I'm hoping Matt Niskanen pulls a Justin Williams and returns to the #Flyers for one more run in the middle of the season.

This is something to watch as season goes on. Especially in lead-up to trade deadline. With how #Flyers GM Chuck Fletcher spoke about Niskanen & his decision to retire, maybe Niskanen will get edge to come back to hockey. Would need $5.75M in cap space to do so. #AnytimeAnywhere

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With #Flyers HC Alain Vigneault saying Sean Couturier will get MRI on his shoulder, a few possible injuries come to mind, two main ones being rotator cuff or AC joint injury. Remember Provorov had MRI in 2018 that revealed Grade 3 AC separation during playoffs. #AnytimeAnywhere

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Replying to @B_Sommermann: "We’re not going to apologize for good goaltending" #Flyers HC Alain Vigneault said after Hart's 2nd consecutive 31-save…

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Replying to @mikeslocumb: Well holy shit, Jake. This just happened. 😂

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Well holy shit, Jake. This just happened. 😂

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"We’re not going to apologize for good goaltending" #Flyers HC Alain Vigneault said after Hart's 2nd consecutive 31-save performance. PHI improves to 2-0-0 behind Konecny's 1st career hat-trick. Recap, latest on Couturier, & more inside... #AnytimeAnywhere

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#Flyers Claude Giroux wasn't having a good night in the faceoff dot. Giroux was 3 of 7 after the 1st period. Giroux finished the game 12 of 17. Giroux was 9 of 10 over the final two periods in the faceoff dot. #AnytimeAnywhere

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#Flyers Carter Hart 31 saves Wednesday night = WIN
Carter Hart 31 saves Friday night = WIN

Flyers 2-0-0. #AnytimeAnywhere

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That will do it, #Flyers Lindblom EN 5-2. #AnytimeAnywhere

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