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After a tragic accident in 2017, Golf No Hands was left with no arms or legs. With the support of his uncle and family, he decided to start livestreaming on Facebook. Hear from Golf No Hands on how he uses his stream to motivate others.

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Cheating to gain advantage in online multiplayer games is not welcome on Facebook Gaming.

Today we’re updating our content monetization policies for both Partners and Level Up creators to specifically address this.

Read the full policies here:

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Let's congratulate the C.O. @StoneMountain64 for reaching 3 million followers! Make sure to remind him to pull his parachute 🪂🤣

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Find yourself playing more games in the last 12 months? You're not alone. See how the gaming community has grown over the last year, in a new report from Facebook Gaming.

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We're ending our #MLKDay charity streams strong with @_84reasons cranking 90s in @FortniteGame while raising money for @tmcf_hbcu!

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Up next we have Swisha Sweet Gaming trying to find out who is the impostor in @AmongUsGame!

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Jump right back into @PlayVALORANT with DaisyKiwi. She's streaming for @tmcf_hbcu charity fund in honor of #MLKDay!

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What better game to play at night than @DeadByBHVR? Join @_EclecticBelle_ as she's live right now while raising money for @tmcf_hbcu.

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Quoted @RogueFPS


Live featured by @FacebookGaming for MLK day! All donations are going to the @tmcf_hbcu college fund! Grinding ranked keeping diamond! COME THROUGH!


.@RogueFPS is live right now climbing the @PlayVALORANT ranks!

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Replying to @MunchkinDoom: Thank you again to everyone involved for the #MLKDay
esp @_JaneyLaney
Thanks to @LAWorksNow & @FacebookGaming


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.@tyrasonotbanks is live right now streaming @DeadByBHVR for the @tmcf_hbcu charity fund! Join her stream below 👇

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Up next we have @weirdocece_tv jumping from the Battle Bus in @FortniteGame. Make sure to support her stream 👏

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Thank you again to everyone involved for the #MLKDay
esp @_JaneyLaney
Thanks to @LAWorksNow & @FacebookGaming

Dreams really come true & I'm so happy that you stuck everything out to be apart of moments like this.

#blackminecraft #BlackLivesMatter #Minecraft

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The #MLKDay charity filled streams continue with @NCentss dropping into @FortniteGame while raising money for @tmcf_hbcu!

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Up next we have @StunnPlays roleplaying in GTA 5! Follow her adventure below 👇

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Catch the wave and join Mozzy Rozzy's @FortniteGame charity stream benefitting @tmcf_hbcu 🌊

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.@MrTalbain is live right now playing @thegranturismo open lobbies! Join in on the fun while fundraising for @tmcf_hbcu.

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Up next we have @FBBvnditRook dropping into @FortniteGame while raising money for @tmcf_hbcu for #MLKDay.

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Prefer @Pokemon? @lil_chaosgaming's #MLKDay charity stream has you covered! Join her as she becomes the very best while streaming for @tmcf_hbcu.

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Today we’re proud to launch the Facebook Gaming Black Gaming Creator Program. Here’s @KingRichard to tell you more about it.

For more information and details on how to apply, go to

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