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The Flyers will look to improve to 2-0 Friday against the Pens at 4:00 PST, 7:00 EST. #Flyers #AnytimeAnywhere #PITvsPHI

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I wasn’t able to watch the Flyers game live tonight but it was a really good all round game. Farabee stood out tonight (1 goal 3 assists), and Gustafsson looked good especially on the power play. The best moment of the game was Patrick getting his first goal in almost 2 years.

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Replying to @Chargers: retweet if you want it 🤘

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retweet if you want it 🤘

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#ProBowlVote + Justin Herbert
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#ProBowlVote + Justin Herbert
#ProBowlVote + Joey Bosa
#ProBowlVote + Keenan Allen

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Quoted @usopen

USTA statement on default of Novak Djokovic:

I know nothing about tennis so don’t harp on me about the rules but I wouldn’t say he hit that ball dangerously. He it so lightly I can’t imagine that it could ever hurt anyone. Like Mrazek got throat punched by Thornton and he didn’t die. This person was lightly hit by a ball.

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Provy WINS IT!!! Game 7 will be on Saturday!!! That’s his 3rd of the playoffs and the Flyers tie the series at 3-3!!! Everyone played great and Hart was definitely played a huge part in this win. He made 49 saves tonight. The final score was 5-4. Let’s go!!! #Flyers #PHIvsNYI

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And breathe... for 18 minutes. The Flyers escape a late penalty and are off to OT. #Flyers #PHIvsNYI

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The Isles are going back to the PP, this will decide the Flyers’ season right here. They score it’s over, the Flyers kill it and we likely go to OT. I am very nervous right now. #Flyers #PHIvsNYI

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Laughton SCORES on the breakaway and it’s 4-4!!! That’s his 5th of the playoffs!!! #Flyers #PHIvsNYI

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That is another example of another terrible slashing call. What a weak league this has become. #Flyers #PHIvsNYI

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Come on Sanheim, fucking ice it on that play if you have to but don’t turn it over right in front of the net. #Flyers #PHIvsNYI

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Raffl SCORES!!! That’s his 4th of the playoffs and it’s tied at 3-3!!! #Flyers #PHIvsNYI

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You’ve got to be kidding me. It’s 3-2.

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That one is clearly not goalie interference, for some reason the Flyers challenge and they are on the PK

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Am I upset it’s not 2-0? Yes. But if you told me before the game the Flyers would be winning after the 1st I would be happy. #Flyers #PHIvsNYI

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They score 2-1 Flyers.

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Huge penalty kill here, can’t let them get back in it. #Flyers #PHIvsNYI

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Amazing series of saves by Hart and the Flyers still lead 2-0. #Flyers #PHIvsNYI

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JVR with a LASER and it’s 2-0!!! That is his 2nd of the playoffs!!! #Flyers #PHIvsNYI

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