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And now performing All You're Dreaming Of, it's the brilliant @LiamGallagher! #TheJRShow @ITV @WeAreSTV @wossy

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It's the @RealMattLucas and @LadyLeshurr Baked Potato duet you never knew you needed! #TheJRShow @ITV @WeareSTV @wossy

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'I'd really love to do a duet with Prince Charles' - Is there a Royal appointment on the way for @RealMattLucas? #TheJRShow @ITV @WeareSTV @wossy

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'I stored @LucyABeaumont's number under 'My Wife' on my phone.' - Who knew @RonJichardson was so romantic!? #TheJRShow @ITV @WeareSTV @wossy

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Has @RealMattLucas been able to capture @Alan_Measles perfectly? #TheJRShow @ITV @WeareSTV @wossy

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How will @Alan_Measles rate our guests' sketches? Find out after the break! #TheJRShow @ITV @WeareSTV @wossy

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Should @LadyLeshurr have been an oral hygienist? #TheJRShow @ITV @WeareSTV @wossy

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'Shouldn't you be wearing a dress!?! One of @Alan_Measles fans was very disappointed recently! #TheJRShow @ITV @WeareSTV @wossy

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He's a world-renowned artist who's inspired thousands of people... it's the fabulous @Alan_Measles #TheJRShow @ITV @WeareSTV @wossy

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"Maybe we’ll just bake some bread and that or a cake or throw strawberries at each other." - Are we about to see @LiamGallagher and Noel go head-to-head in the Bake Off tent? #TheJRShow @ITV @WeareSTV @wossy

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"You sound like my ideal guy!" @LiamGallagher is pushing all the right buttons for @LadyLeshurr #TheJRShow @ITV @WeareSTV @wossy

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"We've had sex to your music!" @LiamGallagher has had quite the effect on @RonJichardson and @LucyABeaumont! #TheJRShow @ITV @WeareSTV @wossy

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Did you hear about the one where @RealMattLucas, Blur and Oasis walked into a bar? @LiamGallagher clearly didn't! #TheJRShow @ITV @WeareSTV @wossy

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And... he's a true rock 'n' roll star, it's the legend that is @LiamGallagher #TheJRShow @ITV @WeareSTV @wossy

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They're married so they don't have to sit 2 metres apart (unless they want to!), it's the hilarious @@RonJichardson and @LucyABeaumont #TheJRShow @ITV @WeareSTV @wossy

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She's an incredible singer, rapper, songwriter and producer, it's the wonderful @LadyLeshurr #TheJRShow @ITV @WeareSTV @wossy

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First up... one of the funniest entertainers this country has ever produced, it's the always fabulous @RealMattLucas #TheJRShow @ITV @WeareSTV @wossy

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This week we’ve got a fantastic lineup of guests including
@RealMattLucas, @LadyLeshurr, @Alan_Measles, @RonJichardson, @LucyABeaumont, and the talented @liamgallagher who'll be chatting and performing live.

Don’t miss it, Saturday @ 9:35pm on ITV1 STV #TheJRshow

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And now performing Sweet Melody, it's @LittleMix! #TheJRShow @ITV @WeAreSTV @wossy

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Mind where you squeeze @McInTweet arm next time @antanddec! Ouch! #TheJRShow @ITV @WeareSTV @wossy

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