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Wow Lauren Boeberts mother giving directions to terrorists in the Capitol. She is done if this is true.

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Quoted @levparnas

Please support @MeidasTouch.

I’ll retweet this important Ad again.

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Find her Twitter

Let’s locate this terrorist.

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Quoted @MrWade01

Oh we have got to add this one to our collection!!! She's a special prize and someone out there knows her!
Please retweet the hell out of this.

Anyone recognize her? Retweet let’s help find her.

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So it occurred to me what stream was the presidential party watching? Was it news media or did they have their own cameras set at strategic locations? They would have had to know ahead of time where to place them and direct the mod to those locations.

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Trumpys term will be over. Who thinks Pelosi should sit on the impeachment until after Biden’s cabinet is confirmed?

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Replying to @CharlotteChar22: Attention beautiful resisters!!! Please help @gail_yarrow rebuild she was taken down by a troll. She is an amazing res…

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Quoted @oliverdarcy

After receiving legal letter, conservative outlet American Thinker has issued an incredible statement admitting it published "completely false" info on Dominion that had "no basis in fact." It apologizes to readers for "abandoning" journalistic principles.

I bet they are going the regret the lawsuit they richly deserve.

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If trumpy holds his elaborate farewell ceremony at Andrews would you watch? SDhould it even be broadcast? Red carpet military band and more bull shit. His last hurrah before the indictments are unsealed.

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Look at photos of a young kushner and you see a decent looking man. I wonder how many hours he stared in a minor to achieve that vacant soulless stare he has today. He is most foul crook.

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So trumpy is going to have a ceremony honoring himself at Andrew’s before he flees DC. No surprise because no one else is willing to sponsor one for him. I feel for the military there that are forced to participate.

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Quoted @StevenTDennis

Trump approval rating in Pew: ***29%***

***23%*** say his conduct has been good or excellent since the election.

Nixon's Gallup approval when he resigned: 24%

Had to retweet this new poll.

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Quoted @StrikePac

It does not end 1/20, it only begins to bring these terrorists to justice and protect our democracy.

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Attention beautiful resisters!!! Please help @gail_yarrow rebuild she was taken down by a troll. She is an amazing resister and fearless fighter 💪🌊💙🌊💙🌊💙🌊💙🌊💙

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Quoted @BettyBowers

@kayleighmcenany Honey . . . you are the epitome of a hypocritical, sanctimonious #FakeChristian who enables an oft-divorced adulterer who covets other men’s wives, lies, and murders Americans. You bear false witness for a job and *still* think you’re a Christian? Girl, please!🤣

Truth from Ms Betty Bowers.

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It may not be all theirs but they share a huge part of this attack on democracy.

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Quoted @RepSeanMaloney

Um, I’ve never said your name in public, @RepBoebert. Never. Not once. (If you’re going to be a gun nut, you probably shouldn’t go off half cocked.) I’ll tweet the transcript so you can see...but that might be like “a fact”, so might not help you.

I’m glad he nailed her ass. Facts might not help in her case is so true. Everyone knows her name and in a very negative way. The allegations against her need to be thoroughly investigated and punished if true.

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I’m still astonished they thought they were patriots and not terrorists. They had zero thought to consequences. The no fly list should be huge. Bigly huge and every punishment that applies.

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What could Melania possibly offer Jill Biden that she doesn’t already know??

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Do you want to see a real Senate trial for trump's conviction or a sham like mitch put on?

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