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Performance, & Promotion, of SpokenWordArtAndMuse - S.W.A.A.M. is spoken like, the calm I never refuse - as I don't lose. I-SWAAM = I Speak Word Art, And Muses.

Kentucky, USA

Joined on 6 February, 2017


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#ThereShouldBeAVaccineFor some of these "#"GameChallenges. Why would anyone #RuinARomanticMovie - or, know an appropriate #ToastToBidenHarris - maybe they don't eat certain types of toast - maybe they want to avoid bread. Caterers are under a lot of pressure.

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Thank you! @in_the_ruins
Your "❤" is appreciated.

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#ItsTheDayBeforeTheInaugurationAnd I had to cancel my appointment with chiropractic care. 3 @Lyft drivers didn't fulfill my request. Then the chiropractic service didn't answer the phone. I didn't sleep enough, either. I've used the gym each day, since Sunday.

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#CelebrityAMovieOrShow - Please, forgive me, if another tweet offers:
John Wayne's World - Thank you...

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Thank you! @sarcocornia
Your "❤" is appreciated...

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#BecauseOfTwitterIKnow enough #StupidQuestionsForOAN from reading responses to the challenge. I wonder what OneAmericaNews thinks of such, other than promotion value - I'm not #Working9To5For anyone, as I say, "HappyBirthday, DollyParton!", & hope she is happy

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The potential for "Friending", & "Following", & Subscribing, Liking, Retweeting - #IsSoOverrated - when I remember how many robots there are, & how disinterested most web site users are, I content with knowing my audience is safe, from being pressured, by me.

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#ForgiveMeFatherForIHave put myself on an imagined menu - I am hungry for ManMouths Twitter displays through - my phone. I want to bathe myself in an eye, & eyes - until I am the image he considers his prize, for being a man. Lovely, unkissed, yet loved, man.

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The way I live is strange - I've been shy, & hiding, then - a hug, abiding, when - someone needed a friend. The way I live is strange - I embrace myself, now, as I comfort the pain. Homeless is all I am, among women, living a scam. #HowToEmbraceChange? LoveMe

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"Homeless!" is imposed
I walk past warmth, for my job.
Cold hearts. No warmth, there.

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#OddItemsIDontThrowOut include proof of what wages can do for TheHomeless, when I wasn't - Evidence of how well I can support non-profit org's - Countless scraps of fabric, used as PantyLiners, & BloodBlockers - VariousItemsTo: Repair, GiveAway, & Remind Me...

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The noise in the empty gym, #ItWentBoomBoomBoom

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Change Habits Lose Weight

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Optional Living Spaces@Work.
"Will Work For Rent, & Benefits".

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Thank u! @RtotheTtotheC & @showyourteethya Retweet, & "❤", appreciated. Thank u! @AshGamesAcct & IncognitoReact - your "❤" is, fully, appreciated.

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#ThisWeekWeWill be sure to stretch, & use weight machines. FitnessGoals are attainable, if focus is what it means. Love how much I need to lose - heaviest I've, ever, been. Opportunity will not be refused, Sunday, Jan17, I did begin. Victory told me, "I win!"

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#NamedMyDemonDoll MaintainingVirginity. There was ASeriesOfThem, appearing monthly. To Promote1, named: Surgical Sterility. Then, came "NoLambSkin, ForMe!", with: condom, water-based lubricants, & morning after pill, all-included accessories. Devil=Papa, ToMe

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Thank u! @showyourteethya
Your "❤" is, fully, appreciated.

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I am remembering myself - when I was able to enjoy my father, & when I was performing - & promoting, Spoken-Word Art & Muse - 1998 - 2008 (in Louisville, KY). I need to HEAL MYSELF of the injuries from socially-accepted terror - soon! I need to ENJOY myself.

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