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Quoted @thebr0keb0i

Jim Jordan claimed “cancel culture” is the most dangerous threat to America. Apparently it’s worse than Insurrection, which by the way, Jim still hasn’t condemned. Gerrymandering Jim allowed 43 boys to be molested under his watch at OSU. I think it’s time we cancel Jim Jordan.

This is @GOP. Shamefully supports @Jim_Jordan who was complicit in the sexual assaults of young athletes. Disgusting! Also, they send us accused sexual predator @RepCawthorn How low will @GOPChairwoman go? No low too low!

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Quoted @MobBossTrump


Fox News Viewership Plummets: First Time Behind CNN And MSNBC In Two Decades

This is richly deserved! Sponsors and viewers are ditching the lying liars @FoxNews. Now, here come the lawsuits! Don't back down, America! @rupertmurdoch @seanhannity

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Quoted @DeaconBlues0

Pence brags that Trump is the first modern President to keep the US out of war. 400,000 American are unavailable for comment.

Unbelievable, neither Trump nor @VP have taken any responsibility for all the loved ones lost ones. Pence failed in an epic way. Now, he failed to stop Trump from destroying the country. Pence sold his soul for an evil traitor. He is done!!

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Quoted @ChafedCharlie

You know who else, besides Trump, is responsible for 394,000 dead Americans?

That’s right ..... it’s @VP Mike Pence who was the head of the Coronavirus Task Force.

Remember, @VP was supposed to lead the Coronavirus Task Force. He bears as much responsibility for the almost 400,000 dead as his Lord and Saviour Trump. He would have done more, if only "Mother" approved. @KarenPence. They must answer for their failure!

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Replying to @ProjectLincoln: Retweet if you think trying to violently overthrow our democracy should result in some consequences.

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Quoted @emermcasey

@MarlowNYC In corporate America you would be fired for lying on your resume. That alone is fraud.

True! There are no standards for @GOP There is no low to which they will not stoop They don't even vet their own and are fine not only having seditionists, compulsive liars, domestic terrorists and now sexual predators. They turn a blind eye to @Jim_Jordan and @RepCawthorn

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Quoted @cathyob1

@MarlowNYC More proof that Republicans don't frown upon sexual predatory behavior.

Absolutely true! They support @Jim_Jordan responsible for condoning sexual assault on an entire wrestling team, Cawthorn, a serial sexual predator, Boebert, whose husband was convicted of sex crimes with a minor and on and on ad nauseum. That the @GOP !!!

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Quoted @Isellmpls

We the People will not forget Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley’s involvement supporting the January 6 attack on our democracy.

There are more to investigate; accountability is the expectation.


EVERYONE needs to watch this amazing video. @tedcruz @HawleyMO @GOP Great evidence!!!

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Quoted @MeidasTouch

Retweet if you demand that Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz be immediately expelled from the US Senate.

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Quoted @PamKeithFL

Florida has had one of WORST COVID responses in the country, and by FAR the worst unemployment benefit scheme and hard-hearted callous disregard for suffering by its GOP controlled government.

In a rational world, the FL airwaves would have been BOMBARDED with incessant

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Quoted @Dale71853123

@donwinslow @kayleighmcenany There should be a special place in hell for those who caused so many deaths during this pandemic with their lies, And who assisted Trump in burning down our democracy by making him look legitimate in anyway to his cult followers! #ArrestThemAllNow

Isn't a hideous irony that she pretends to be some kind of religious person? Quote the Bible verse where Jesus told you to help kill 400,000 citizens and incite terrorism to result in 6 dead. @PressSec

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Quoted @quitafor

Police killed my cousin Xzavier! They tried to lie about him but his mother just watched the dash cam footage! He was unarmed and he said several times "my door is open," displaying both of his hands. Virginia state police shot him. Please retweet. #JusticeforXzavier


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Quoted @donwinslow

What is wrong with Kentucky voter? This man has to be the most useless Senator in your history! @senatemajldr PS. When does this title pass to Chuck???

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Replying to @ReallyAmerican1: Can we get 2,000 retweets on this? We're going after Josh Hawley in his home state attempting to put these billboards…

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Quoted @latimes

"I don’t mean to pick on Nunes. … Oh, who am I kidding? Yes, I do."

This is another #EverythingTrumpTouchesDies situation.

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Quoted @Out5p0ken

Matt Gaetz and Jim Jordan are 2 people that may be part of Trump’s legal team in the impeachment trial.


Please let this be true! The "Beavis and Butthead" of Congress" @mattgaetz and @Jim_Jordan may work Trump's impeachment defense. So the guy who allowed young athletes to be molested and the Always-Drunk DUI King. Way funnier than SNL! Tune in!!

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Quoted @chipfranklin

Is Kellyanne Conway forgivable?

Here you go @KellyannePolls what America thinks of you!

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Quoted @eastiearchitect

@BedBathBeyond What the hell! @BedBathBeyond @Kohls @Target @amazon @HomeDepot @Macys @AceHardware @Groupon @BJsWholesale @SamsClub @eBay @Walmart @MattressFirm @MontgomeryWard you all support @MyPillowUSA the insurrection company

Wow! Had no idea @Kohls @Target @Amazon @HomeDepot @Macys @AceHardware @GRoupon @BJsWholesale @SamsClub @eBay @Warmart @MattressFirm @MontgomeryWar all supported domestic terrorist of @MyPillowUSA

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Can we get 2,000 retweets on this? We're going after Josh Hawley in his home state attempting to put these billboards up. You can help get it done with a retweet and small contribution.

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Retweet if you think trying to violently overthrow our democracy should result in some consequences.

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