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We started My Brother’s Keeper so that every boy and young man of color in America would know that their dreams mattered as much as any other child’s.

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Still looking for ways to serve your community on #MLKDay? This @AmeriCorps search tool can help you find local volunteer opportunities this weekend:

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Replying to @MBKNewRo: MBKNewRo’s Milestone 6 Committee is sponsoring a Virtual Mentorship Expo on January 16th at 10 am.

Representatives from app…

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🗣 This year, we’re honoring Dr. King’s legacy with a virtual week of service and learning. Join us for community conversations on the state of activism, housing justice, MLK’s radical teachings and more.

Follow the link to sign up today ☑️

Shoutout to @MBK_Cambridge and all the MBK Communities that are creating safe, virtual ways to engage our youth this weekend! Despite the pandemic, #MLKDay will still be a moment for service, learning, and reflection. #WeAreMBK

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#MLKDay is designated as a national day of service to encourage all Americans to volunteer to improve their communities. You can use this @AmeriCorps search tool to find volunteer opportunities near you this weekend:

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NYSED congratulates Dr. Lester W. Young, Jr. on his unanimous election today as Chancellor of the Board of Regents! Dr. Young will be the first African American to serve in this position. @lwyjr_

Congratulations to our friend @lwyjr_ on his historic election as chancellor—the state's top education job—this week. He was instrumental in founding @NYSMBK and remains a tireless champion for our boys and young men! #WeAreMBK

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Replying to @ObamaFoundation: Honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s legacy by heeding his call to service. As #MLKday2021 approaches next week, make a…

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Honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s legacy by heeding his call to service. As #MLKday2021 approaches next week, make a plan to safely serve your community. Find ideas at .

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MBKNewRo’s Milestone 6 Committee is sponsoring a Virtual Mentorship Expo on January 16th at 10 am.

Representatives from approximately 15 local organizations will be on hand to talk about the mentorship opportunities they have available.

Register -

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January is National #MentoringMonth. Research shows that young adults who have mentors are 52 percent more likely to attend school regularly and 55 percent more likely to attend college.

Become a mentor today: . #WeAreMBK

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WATCH: As families in Charlotte face the steepest climb out of poverty for a major U.S. city, @MBKCLTMeck is focusing on literacy and career readiness to offer local boys and young men of color their best shot at a bright future. #WeAreMBK

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We were thrilled to see Congress expand access to these grants for the incarcerated in their latest budget, making an estimated half a million incarcerated individuals eligible for federal student aid.

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Why Second Chance Pell? A RAND study found that incarcerated individuals who participate in any kind of educational program are up to 43 percent less likely to return to prison, appear to be far more likely to find a job after their release, and more.

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#FBF In 2015, the Obama administration launched a new effort—thanks in part to the recommendations of the My Brother's Keeper Task Force—to allow incarcerated Americans to receive Pell Grants to attend college: the Second Chance Pell pilot program.

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"How can our tools help you do more, reach more communities, unlock more meaningful data insights?"—@merisahw, senior director of the justice reform initiative at @Microsoft, on the tech sector’s role in democratizing data and driving reforms. See more:

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How has being a mentor impacted your mentee, yourself, and your community? Use #MentoringAmplifies to share your story today—and inspire others to join the mentoring movement.

Learn more: #MentoringMonth @MENTORnational

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Start the year by getting involved with the My Brother’s Keeper Alliance! From becoming a mentor to supporting your local MBK Community, explore the many ways you can make a difference with us.

We hope you’ll join us and take action. #WeAreMBK

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Happy New Year! Many challenges lie ahead, but together—as we’ve seen time and again—we can build a better world for our boys and young men, and all of our children. #WeAreMBK

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Thank you to every MBK youth and community leader, local and national partner, donor, and champion for—in the words of the late Congressman John Lewis—being bold, brave, and courageous in 2020.

We look forward to even more progress in 2021. #WeAreMBK

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All year, we’ve seen MBK Communities stepping up and stepping into this moment with innovation, creativity, and endurance. Read more about some of the local funding that made their timely shifts in programmatic and organizational focus possible:

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#TheWayForward is a five-part webcast series that focuses on what dehumanization is, how it has impacted boys and young men of color, and the solutions to disrupt it so that we can rebuild together in new and better ways. #DisruptDehumanization

Watch now:

Catching up on all you might have missed in 2020? Be sure to see @Forward_Promise’s #TheWayForward. Each episode is a powerful look at a different way dehumanization affects boys and young men of color and their communities as a whole.

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Meet Dane, one of MBK @CityofDenver’s 25 Emerging Leaders, selected for his dedication to supporting elementary students that are working to overcome obstacles to education. #WeAreMBK

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