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A look at the evolution of Embiid-Simmons.

@PaulHudrick takes a closer look at the #Sixers dynamic duo.

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Joel Embiid gets an A+ what about Ben Simmons...Check out the Grades from the #Sixers win over Boston from @KevinMcC973

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#Eagles Hiring of Nick Sirianni Shouldn't be a Surprise

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Remember you can watch the Sports Bash Live

3:20 - @PaulHudrick
4pm - @caplannfl
5pm - @thePT973
5:30 - @KCJoynerTFS

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Sad news...I played for Coach Mico and also mowed lawns for his Leprechaun Lawn service....

Longtime Teacher, loval high school Football Coach, Joe McDevitt Dies

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Eagles Hiring of Nick Sirianni Shouldn't be a Surprise

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Quoted @harrymayesTU

@973espn @MikeGillShow Actually Sirianni was in KC from '09-'12 and Dorsey didn't arrive until 2013...so there goes that theory.

Yeah, though Dorsey did try to interview him when he was in Cleveland. So there must be some connection there...

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On to cup 2!

Come on @Brodes81 out of bed!

I see ya @BobWankelCB !

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#Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie decided not to wait any longer.

@DaveWeinberg19 takes a look at the #Eagles 24th head coach.

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Ok, let's start getting ready for the show....

@Brodes81 you ready for an intenso version of Mike Gill!

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Quoted @JamesTatum_

@973espn @MikeGillShow Is this the same guy who said Press Taylor was gonna be the offensive coordinator?

To be fair, he would have been if Doug had his way. Hence Doug got fired bc he wanted to make Press the OC.

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Quoted @MikeGillShow

My feeling is Nick Sirianni will be the Eagles next head coach.

Just my .02

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How does Joel Embiid compare to Duncan, Shaq, Kareem, and Olajuwon

@JBlevinsNBA takes a look at Embiid's MVP Resume and Historical Comparisons.

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Report: N.L. East Team 'Circling' on Free-Agent J.T. Realmuto

While it seems the #Phillies are interested and appear willing to bring back catcher J.T Realmuto, they might have some new competition.

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#Colts OC Nick Sirianni a serious candidate for #Eagles?

Here's the latest inside. #FlyEaglesFly

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Rockets were +2500 a min ago, I tried and it closed on me...now all the sudden its a 2 point game.

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Joel Embiid got an A++ from @KevinMcC973 in tonight's grades.

Find out what the rest of the report card looked like.

#Sixers #HereTheyCome #Celtics

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