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First half-week of NHL hockey is done. I can’t believe the Pens are dead last, the Wild are tied for first, the Canadian Division is a clusterbomb, and the Isles still suck 😁

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I wasn’t even alive the last time there was a 101-yard pick-6 for a touchdown. MERCY

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Much much much better @NYRangers!!!!

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Blackout restrictions should not be in effect during a friggin pandemic, NHL.

Get on it @optimum, @AltitudeTV, @Sportsnet, & @TSNHockey!!!!!! We want it all!!

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Could this be the @NYRangers season? #NHLFaceOff

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I wasn’t thinking this...but yikes do they need a do-over after tonight!

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Rangers gotta start a fight. Leafs did it last night, lit a fire under them. Rangers need one if they wanna have a chance.

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K’Andre Miller has had a rough night. Not as rough as Jack Johnson though...
But Gauthier? He’s been amazing every time he’s been out there!

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Theo’s new role at MLB: Consultant regarding play on the field and the effects of rule changes under consideration

Future MLB Commish. It’s gunna happen

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Great to see NHL hockey back last night. Such amazing athletes & so much speed & skill in the game now. But watching the abuse that star players take is hard to watch. Felt like the 80’s with the cross checks in the back & the hacking & slashing. NFL protects QB’s? Why don’t we?’s hockey! It’s a physical art. I get you’re trying to protect your clients but hockey isn’t for the faint of heart.

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Wake up...It’s Gameday! #NYR

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Source: Urban Meyer and Jaguars are getting a deal done today. Meyer will be the next Jacksonville coach.

Only fitting he goes to Florida

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How’s Mr. Mike feeling that it’s @NYRangers game day? Let’s take a look...

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2021 Hockey recap: Day 1
- #PITvsPHI Good goaltending matters
- #LeafsForever Morgan Rielly is still a beast!
- #GoBolts pickin up where they left off.
- #stlblues giving some humble pie to #GoAvsGo!
- #LetsGoOilers #Blackhawks Oh boy...this is gonna be a long season for y’all...

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#NHL Teams, if you have a real goal horn, please use them!

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By goodness what a save by Vassy...

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Morgan Reilly wins it for TOR

Fantasy points!!!!

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Today’s the day...


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