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I stopped reading that Lindsay Graham letter when he had the nerve to use the phrase "national healing." Nope. I cannot.

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Thanks @nytimesbooks for the absolute rave of Stephen & @PaulKendrick84's NINE DAYS (1/12, @fsgbooks), in print in the 1/17 Sunday Times!

Cannot wait for my copy to arrive! An excerpt in Lit Hub: . @PaulKendrick84

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In "Aftershocks," @NadiaOwusu1 recounts her sense of dislocation and her search for a place to call home @SimonBooks @GabbyBellot

Thank you for this attentive review, @GabbyBellot. [Aftershocks is a] "form through revelation. This is no ordinary jeremiad or jejune recounting..; instead, it is an evocation of a feeling, of what it feels like to be constantly in search of a place to call home."

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It’s going to take me years to process the fact that so few people believed that trump’s support skews wealthy until a bunch of people flew in and staged an insurrection and provided video evidence

All of those op eds about how Trumpism was about white working class economic anxiety. Pages and pages and pages of them.

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Replying to @NPRWeekend: "Aftershocks" is the new memoir from @NadiaOwusu1 of a tough, interesting, multi-national, multi-racial, upbringing and adu…

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Okay, I’ll share moment w/ @NadiaOwusu1 from our interview on our great memoir. She has do many national strands within her, I felt compelled to tell her what I tell our daughters (who do also). Don’t limit yourself to being one thing. No human is. Whitman says: I am multitudes.

I loved this reminder! Thank you, @nprscottsimon.

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I forgot to share that I was on Weekend Edition with Scott Simon this morning! So fun. You can listen here if you're interested: <3

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"Aftershocks" is the new memoir from @NadiaOwusu1 of a tough, interesting, multi-national, multi-racial, upbringing and adulthood that ranges around the world, from Rome to Kampala to New York, and dozens of stops between.

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On Jan. 19th at 6PM author @NadiaOwusu1 will talk with @jessicashattuck about her new memoir, "Aftershocks" that looks at race, identity & immigration, the emotional toll of family secrets and the struggle of belonging.

🗓️ RSVP @AncestorExperts >>>

Excited for this conversation!

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About to start prefacing opinions and discourse contributions with "As an openly Black person..."

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The Festival is thrilled to announce Morristown Festival of Books @ Home! We are hosting best-selling authors Kristin Hannah, @veschwab, David Michaelis, and debut memoirist
@NadiaOwusu1 on February 20th and 21st.
Register Now!

So looking forward to this!

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Drumroll for George Saunders, Gabriel Byrne, @madeleine_watts, @paraicodonnell, @torreypeters, @NadiaOwusu1, and @andreapitzer.

I have been so very moved by the critical engagement with Aftershocks, and how fun to be on this "best reviewed" list with @torreypeters, Gabriel Byrne, and George Saunders and other books on my TBR.

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I love to see @AskMateo and @SonofBaldwin on that NY Times bestseller list. What a joy to be part of this cohort of debuts. Much love and many congratulations to you both!

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Tune in to two of our Instagram Lives TODAY! Set a reminder by clicking our Instagram Story🙃

@NadiaOwusu1 @fi0mar @evburnett

Join me and my love @fi0mar on insta. We'll be talking writing and racial justice. Then, later, my love @evburnett will be talking about centering the experiences of Black women in social change efforts. <3

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Don't miss @donna_hemans talking with @NadiaOwusu1 about her debut memoir AFTERSHOCKS, out now from @simonschuster!

Thank you for the conversation, @donna_hemans & @The_Rumpus!

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In her moving debut, @NadiaOwusu1 pieces together an account of how trauma begins and persists—and how we can heal from it.

Thank you, @ChloeSchama & @voguemagazine for this conversation and your support of Aftershocks!

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This week, we celebrate @NadiaOwusu1's pub date for AFTERSHOCKS (@simonschuster)! Owusu will also be teaching an Orion writers' workshop this spring (dates TBA). Check out her new essay, "Fatherland," a braid of landscape, identity, & climate grief.

Thank you to @Orion_Magazine for giving this essay a home. It's about Anansi stories, Asase Yaa, climate grief, and the fallacy of endless economic growth.

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I'm so excited @AppleBooks chose my memoir #Aftershocks, read by yours truly from @SimonAudio, as one of the #JanuaryMustListens! Check it out here:

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Happy pub day to @NadiaOwusu1! Her breathtaking memoir, Aftershocks, comes out today. Here's my book review in @LAReviewofBooks. A big thanks to the editorial staff for the chance to write about this stunning debut!

Thank you, @anitamgill. I am so moved by your engagement with my book in @LAReviewofBooks. 💚

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Thank you to Jennifer Szalai and the New York Times for this thoughtful review of Aftershocks: "A gorgeous and unsettling memoir of Owusu’s...peripatetic childhood, along with the bewilderment and breakdown that came after."

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